We are proud to offer our very own Grand Luxe Tables that are fully designed, created, and owned by White Label Hire.

These tables are not for your ordinary event.

Designed with full attention to the smallest detail, and masterfully crafted using elegant materials, these tables are reserved only for the most luxurious and extravagant events one person can host.

White Label Hire’s Grand Luxe Tables are extremely unique and does not exist anywhere else in the world. These are the tables that will serve as your ultimate decorative piece that will set your event apart.

  1. Black Gloss Bridal and Cake Table with Mirror Top
  2. Grand Luxe Bridal Table

    Grand Luxe Bridal Table

    For your Royal Grand and Luxurious Day

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  3. Grand Luxe Cake Table
  4. Grand Luxe King Table
  5. Grand Luxe King Table

    Grand Luxe King Table

    Our Custom made Tables will highlight and make your event stand out from the others

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  6. Luxury Gold Mirror Bridal and Cake Table
  7. White Gloss Bridal And Cake Table with Mirror Top