Indoor VS Outdoor Wedding Events: Pros and Cons

We all have our own ideas of a great wedding experience. Some imagine it as a fancy indoor event, done in a large and luxurious mansion-like venue. Some expect a nice view of the clear sky with the sun up or to be under the stars. Both options are good and bad in their own ways and it really depends on what your priorities are to make the best choice.

Having a hard time choosing between indoor and outdoor wedding reception? Take a look at their pros and cons to help you decide!

Indoor Wedding – The Pros

Rain or Shine - The key advantage of having an indoor event is that you can proceed regardless of the weather. This not only allows you to be flexible in scheduling, it also gives your guests the peace of mind they need to enjoy your wedding.

You are in Control (of the temperature) - echoing the first point, you won’t have to worry about the possible harsh heat or freezing cold of the outdoor space. You can control the temperature and set it the way you want to. This allows your guest to be comfortable, instead of endlessly wiping their sweat or shaking from the cold.

Away from Mosquito Bites - or any other insect that can come flying or crawling outside. While it’s almost always safe to have fun outside in terms of managing these creatures, it can get annoying for you and your guests. Doing your event indoors takes this off of your plate and lets you continue with enjoying your night – or day.

Indoor Wedding – The Cons

Limited Space - By having an indoor reception, you adjust to the space allocated. Space constraints affect your decorations, the allowable number of guests, and might make it harder to move around. To adjust, you might need to find better ways of positioning your equipment and decors and limit the number of guests, which can somehow reduce the fun.

Logistics and Parking - The delivery of your vendor’s equipment and tools should be a concern when planning an event. You don’t want the candelabras, tables, or other wedding equipment to be delayed for this special event, and that can be a risk with choosing a poorly designed venue due to parking and set-up concerns.

The Price Tag - As beautiful an indoor venue can be, it may not come with an attractive price. Most indoor event venues’ rates are high enough to be a major consideration for any event planning. While there are more costly outdoor venues, there are more options that can give your wallet a rest.

Outdoor Wedding - The Pros

In-touch With Nature - Just the view of the sky, the feel of the breeze touching your face, or the light of the sun, can make many people in-touch with nature which can then set a good ambience. Provided that the weather is pleasant, your guest can enjoy the festivities without the feeling of being enclosed like with indoor events.

Décor Budget Cut - Oftentimes, you can take advantage of the natural view instead of using your own decorations. This can work better in your favour especially if you’re looking for a more elegant look, which requires simplicity and no clutter.

Lower Venue Cost - Compared to indoor venues, outdoor venues are usually offered at a lower rate, but it may still depend on other factors. There are many options you can go to for lower outdoor rates like local nature parks.

Outdoor Wedding - The Cons

Nature’s Call - Contrast to indoor events, outdoor wedding receptions are at risk of last minute plan changes due to rainfall. If the event is done during daytime, the rays of the sun maybe too much to handle. This concerns will always put you on your toes instead of having a good time. As a side note, if you’re choosing an outdoor wedding venue, look for a 2-in-1 deal, they have at least a smaller indoor space you can transfer to.

Set-Up Scenario - Due to being in an open space, setting up electronic items without outlets nearby can cause tangled cables all over the place to be able to connect to nearby electricity sources. Not only that, it will also take more time to set it up and set it down and puts you at more risk when the rain comes falling.

Bugs and Allergies - Mosquito bites or other insects can cause a bit of a worry. But seasonal allergies should cause alarm. Being outside during certain months or seasons can put your guests at risk of having an allergy attack. In case you’d choose an outdoor venue, let your guests know in advance so they can either look for options or rather skip your event for the meantime. Understand it’s not a simple inconvenience to them but a health risk.

Choosing between indoor and outdoor wedding events is entirely your call. Both have their pros and cons and all you have to do is to weigh them according to your priorities. Regardless of your choice, you ought to make it stand out and to impress your guests.

White Label Hire is here to help you achieve a luxurious wedding reception, regardless of your chosen venue! With our elegant event equipment, you can have an extravagant outdoor or indoor wedding reception that will make you and your guests fall in love.

Make it memorable, make it luxurious, and make it your night.

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