How to Choose the Right Wedding Coordinator

Choosing your partner for life is not easy for everyone. It takes years of patience, trials, and heartaches. And once you find the one to marry, it’s all worth it. But you know what else is hard? Choosing your wedding coordinator for when that day has come.

It might not seem like a challenge, especially since you’re looking for someone to plan or coordinate the wedding instead of doing it yourself, but choosing the right wedding planner and coordinator are few of the biggest decisions you must make, and it can make or break your entire wedding.

Today, we’ll look at few tips on how to choose the right wedding coordinator for your special day. Read below!

Wedding Planner VS Wedding Coordinator

Many people think that a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator is just the same. Before you commit to something, identify first exactly what you need.

Wedding planners will assist you with every aspect of the wedding. They will be involved with the logistics, designing, and venues. They can answer most of your wedding-related questions, handle negotiation with suppliers, and help get you the best deals and maybe get in contact with the best Sydney hire companies. They will be in contact with you from the start until everything is set up properly. Basically, they are your resource person for everything about the event.

A Wedding Coordinator, or commonly referred to as Day-of-Wedding Coordinators, only offers services for the whole wedding day. Unlike wedding planners, they will get in contact with you at least a month before the date. They coordinate schedules, talk with suppliers and vendors, ensure the venue is properly set-up and that all necessary equipment are working properly. Basically, they make sure everything that’s in the plan will happen, so you can enjoy your day while they are taking control.

Understand your needs first before creating a list of candidates to make sure you’re on the right track. For now, let’s focus with Wedding Coordinators.

Prepare your Ideas

Make something like a Pinterest board of the things you’d want for your wedding. Show them magazine clips, photos, videos, or anything that can help them get an idea of what you want. Also, share key information about the wedding plan and a quick brief that you’ve discussed with your luxury wedding hire companies.

Pick your Top Candidates

After identifying the type of service, you would need, it’s time to gather a list of candidates and select few from them. Look at their websites, portfolios, and contact them right after. Treat this stage as if you are the boss and someone is applying for your job offer, because essentially, that’s what it is.

Prepare a list of the things you want or need, show them photos of your ideas, and basically let them know what you want. But most importantly, ask questions. Here are some that you can use:

  • How many weddings have you coordinated?
  • When do we start communicating and how often?
  • What is the scope of your service?
  • What’s the most challenging wedding you’ve coordinated and how did you solve the problems that came up?
  • Can you provide us with some references? (previous clients)

There are a lot more questions to ask, but for starters, this should give you a good idea. Make sure to take notes for each candidate so you can review and discuss it with your partner even after the interview.

Call Previous Clients

Just like with hiring an employee, you will want to call their previous employers (clients, in your case). Try and get as much information as you can about their experience and about the wedding coordinator.

Politely ask about the candidates’ organisational skills, how they communicate, how they ensured every detail is in its right place, and how they handled pressure or unexpected events. Ask for their overall experience and how satisfied they were.

Discuss it With Your Spouse or Family

While you might have your favourite, be sure to discuss it with your spouse and your family with an open-mind. This way, you can see it from a different perspective and can either validate your choice or can lead you to a better one. If you planned your wedding with family and friends, make sure to let them know so they can ask questions and provide feedback.

Planning a wedding is not easy. But coordinating it and making sure that all things goes according to plan is just as hard. With these tips, you’ll have a better way of picking the right wedding coordinator, and you’ll be confident you’ll experience the wedding you’ve long been dreaming of.

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