Harness the Power of Light with These Wedding Lighting Tips

Did you know that lighting can change your mood depending on how it is used? It can make you feel relaxed, stressed, or joyful, and can even change the ambience of an entire room.

That’s not something you’d normally care to know. However, for your wedding, using the right lighting techniques can do wonders in setting your desired mood or ambience, and in making your guests feel at home and cheerful.

That said, here are few tips on how to harness the power of light and make your wedding shine:

Hire a Lighting Pro

There’s no substitute to hiring a pro. While there are ways you can get ideas for techniques or styles (which we will mention later on), having an expert by your side can help you elaborate your ideas and execute them properly.

By having a lighting pro, you can identify which spots would need more lighting and what type of lights to use, while making them blend together. Results can be a bit a lot different from your imagination if you do it yourself without much training and experience that pros have.

Hire a pro, be generous with your ideas and suggestions, and let them execute.

Learn the Lingo

Now that you have a lighting pro, you might as well learn how to communicate effectively with them. To help you out, here are few jargons you might hear from them:

  • Colour Wash – soft coloured lights that fills spaces,

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