Flowers VS Candles: Picking the Right Centrepiece for your Wedding

Lots of decisions must be made when planning for a wedding. Some may be crucial for the whole ceremony, and some may have smaller, insignificant roles. Some things, however, are placed somewhere in the middle – like choosing your reception centrepieces.

Flowers or Candles? While this may seem insignificant, choosing the right centrepiece can affect a lot of factors in your wedding, and its overall impact will be noticeable. Make the right choice and that impact will surely be a positive one.

So how and what do you choose, you ask? Let’s look at the factors to consider:

Aesthetic Appeal

Candles and flowers have their own unique ways of making an event fascinating, and they both contribute to the overall feel of a venue. Flowers not only provide a good visual effect, its fragrances can positively affect the aroma of the place, too. This can add elegance to your wedding in more ways than one. Watch out, however, for some flowers that may cause allergy to your guests.

Candles, on the other hand, provides a romantic and elegant vibe. Partnered with the right candelabra, it can completely change the ambience of your venue.

For very formal weddings, tall metal candelabras can prove to be a classic choice. In today’s market, crystal or even glass are being used for this type of candelabras.

For a slightly casual event, tealight candles can steal the show with subtlety. Multiple tealight candles and low or modern candelabras can make each table splendid.

Range of Options

Most weddings, if not all, aims to be elegant. This can be achieved with both flower and candle centrepieces. What’s important is that you choose the best of its kind. For flowers, you can go with the usual rose, orchids, or peonies. Arrange it properly and let them do their magic. The problem is, your options are limited, and experimenting with flowers can be a challenge.

On the other hand, you have a wider range of options when you prefer candles as your centrepiece. Candelabras come in many forms, can match almost any décor, and can exude the elegant vibe that your reception needs. Go with the classic choices like tall, short, or long and low candelabras. Better yet, look for modern designs that can match your motif perfectly.

Glass and crystal candelabras are good candidates when looking for luxury centrepieces, but your imagination is your only limit.

Conventional VS Practical

It’s common to have flower centrepieces and has become a go-to option for wedding events. But while it’s common, it can also be impractical.

Common flower choices can be expensive especially for some that grows only during a certain season, and they can hurt your budget. Take note that for most Sydney hire companies, you’re not only paying for the flowers but for the arrangement as well. Another thing to consider is that you can’t rent them – you need to buy them even though you’d be disposing them right after the event.

Why not choose to stand out and be different by having a tall and luxurious crystal centrepiece, or tea light candles placed in small glasses or low candelabras? Whether you prefer subtlety or extravagance, candelabras can enhance the ambience of your venue at lower costs. Candelabras can be rented and are significantly more affordable.

Set Up and Set Down

They say each flower has its meaning and symbol. For weddings, flowers can also mean stress and hassle. This is since most wedding flower options need to be arranged first before it can be good enough as a centrepiece. Not to mention, it is delicate. Having wilted flowers as centrepieces is worse than having no flowers at all.

The advantage of choosing flowers is the set down. After the event, you simply throw them away! But obviously, this can easily be a disadvantage as well, considering their costs.

Setting up candelabras as centrepieces can be quite easy. Most of the time, you just need to place them on a table, light the candles, and they’re good to go. Luxury wedding hire companies deliver and collect them as part of the service so you don’t need to worry about the logistics.

Wedding planning can be daunting, especially when even seemingly small factors plays a role in making the event successful. Make a wrong move and it can be embarrassing. Pick the right choices and you’re golden.

Now, the answer whether to pick flowers or candles is entirely up to you. But looking at these considerations we’ve discussed, while they both have their advantages, choosing candles appears to be the best choice. For practicality, aesthetic appeal, variety, and the price, you can’t go wrong with candles and candelabras as your centrepiece.

Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you pick the right candles and candelabras to make your wedding more special.

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