6 Creative Tips to Achieve a Breathtaking Autumn Wedding

The summer season is slowly packing up while paving the way for autumn’s arrival. At the same time, soon-to-be brides are also busy starting or finalising their own Autumn Wedding.

Are you prepared to make this season your time to shine? Or are you still wondering how to make it work?

We’ve prepared few tips to make your autumn wedding something to fall in love with. Read on!


Pick an Autumn-Perfect Location

To fully appreciate the season and incorporate it into your wedding, it’s crucial to pick a venue that has a good scenery, especially during autumn. That is if you haven’t picked one yet.

 It would be a perfect fit to find a wedding venue with a backdrop of golden leaves from deciduous trees. When in doubt, try looking for national parks that allow event gatherings.


Be Prepared for the Weather

As much as it’s nice to celebrate your wedding outdoors, this season can be incredibly unpredictable, which can leave you frustrated as to picking the right location. The location is definitely your call, but whatever you decide, make sure you're prepared for the cold and hot weather. Prepare hot beverages such as hot cocoa, tea, or coffee for the cold weather. Also, offer some comfy blankets or scarf that complements the overall theme.


Use Seasonal Colours for Your Theme

Before you even think of the colour Orange and refuse the idea, consider other colours associated with the season.

Chocolate brown is a safe bet, while you can play with burnt oranges or deep reds and copper. Rustic colours can give your wedding a classy touch when used correctly, so don’t hesitate to use them in your linens, your decors, or even with the wardrobe!


Bring Autumn to The Table

Aside from picking an Autumn-perfect location and using autumnal colours for the wardrobe or the décor, try bringing the autumn vibe to the table as well.

Use apple, lemons, pumpkins, or even strawberries depending on where you live. While you’re at it, why not decorate it with few pinecones or leaves, too?

But don’t limit your options just yet. You can also opt to use luxury tables like ours where you can put seasonal flowers, leaves, or any other décor you want, underneath the surface making it stand out even more!

Don’t bother making the effort for all of the tables. This can be exclusive for the bridal table to be unique, while still incorporating the overarching theme.


Centrepieces for the right Season

When picking centrepieces, it’s always a safe move to pick classic pieces. Crystal candelabras will work with almost everything and can make any table luxurious. But there’s a way to make it even better and o make it fit the autumn feel.

Instead of plainly using the candelabras, try adding leaves or acorns along the centrepiece, or choosing votive candles and placing it along seasonal fruits or plants. No need to make it big and extravagant as simplicity will often do the job better.


Lighten up the Mood

No better way to light up the mood of your guests than by enhancing the ambience with some candle lights.

Be generous with using tea light candles and spread it across the venue. You can group them together or place them separately. But don’t limit it to a few candles here and there. Again, be generous.


Autumn is the most magical seasons to have a wedding. Make it memorable by taking advantage of the season’s natural beauty and incorporating it into your theme.

With the above tips, you’re sure to have an awe-inspiring wedding with a touch of luxury.

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