5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Luxury Centrepiece

Planning luxury events like weddings or corporate gatherings have one common goal: to make it as breathtaking and memorable as possible. That is, by capturing your guests’ attention and by making them fall in love with the whole vibe of the place. There’s one piece wedding and event organisers normally use to achieve this: Centrepieces.

Centrepieces highlight the theme of your event and add elegant vibe and a simple and/or extravagant feel to any luxurious event. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula to picking the perfect centrepiece to match any event. While many centrepieces look astonishing on their own, it’s important to make it blend in with the overall theme.

That said, here are few key tips to follow when choosing the perfect luxury centrepiece that will surely impress your guests!

Skyscrapers or Small-Scale

Often, planners associate a centrepiece’s height to its elegance. While tall centrepieces can surely give off an extravagant look, it should be used properly for it to work.

How? By taking a look at the surroundings! Tall centrepieces work best in bigger venues. Avoid using it I low-ceiling facilities and areas with high traffic. Smaller centrepieces would look great on smaller venues and can help fill spaces without blocking your guests’ view of their surroundings and they can interact without being distracted.

Both tall and short centrepieces work well and can even be mixed up to improve your event’s overall fee.

Simple is Elegant

As we’ve said before, clutter is the enemy of elegance.

Many centrepieces offer a classic and classy look without being too loud or attention grabbing. These pieces add elegance and luxe to event venues with subtlety and do not steal the show, but rather enhance it in a holistic approach.

Go for crystal clear candelabras to achieve this, and use simpler floral arrangements that are appropriate. Better yet, consider using candles as your main centrepiece to improve lighting on low-light environments and add a romantic touch.

Captivate through Colours

Centrepieces, as previously stated, shouldn’t be about themselves. They don’t act as a single attraction but rather highlight on the whole motif. That said, they should blend well together with other aspects of the venue’s design and décor.

Colour makes it easy to achieve unity within your event design and can boost its overall feel. Some ways you can do this is by decorating your centrepieces with the same colour as the bride’s dress or bridal party’s colour accents.

Experiment with colour combinations beforehand so you can see what works best with the existing theme, then try to choose flowers of the same colour, or decorate your pieces appropriately.

Table Partners

It may not be noticeable, but using the right type of luxury centrepiece for a certain type of table significantly increases its effectivity. Here’s how:

Tall candelabra centrepieces work great with round tables without obstructing your guests' view. For square tables, you need to utilise its large space by not only using bigger centrepieces but by also adding smaller pieces like tea light candles or something with the same size. Rectangular tables, on the other hand, may require several centrepieces and additional smaller pieces to avoid making the table feel empty.

Work out what looks great. The key here is to utilise the space available without making it too obstructive or crowded.

Stick with the Classics

And by that, we mean stick to designs that do not look complicated. Make sure your piece immediately impresses your guests without needing to analyse what your centrepiece is trying to look like. Use standard tall or short candelabras, even with few arms, with simple designs such as flowers, or straight forward tea light candleholder, or flower stand with simple plates and body.

More importantly, pick the right materials. Classic items may include steel materials but to crystal will take it a step higher and bring your event to a different level without losing that classic touch.

Picking the right candelabra have never been this easy! Start planning your event and let your chosen luxury centrepiece add the finishing touches for you. Contact White Label Hire today to look at the best options you can choose from!

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