4 Critical Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Venue

We all want to make our weddings memorable, luxurious, and breathtaking. Picking the right wedding venue is the key to achieving this.

However, it’s not all about the glamour (though we all need a bit of it). There’s a lot more to consider when choosing the right venue to ensure you’re setting yourself up for an awe-inspiring – not stress-inducing – event.

But how?

Here are 5 tips on how to choose the perfect wedding venue!


Don’t be fooled by the Photos

As much as you adore their Instagram posts, and jump on excitement over their blog posts, it’s crucial to see and inspect their venues personally. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, imagine how you would set up your tables and decorations, or how many people will fit in, check parking areas, bathrooms, and even the surrounding areas.

Nowadays, many people are too busy to bother checking it thoroughly. Yes, it might work. But we suggest not risking it and ensuring you stay out of trouble during your special day.


Get your Partner Involved

Soon-to-be-husbands tend to let their lady do the honour of choosing. If he lets you pick whatever you want, do so but still be considerate of him, his family, and friends. Pick a location that will both be easily accessible for both parties, and still ask him for suggestions, and we’re sure he would come up with a few.

Instead of asking him which venue he wants, ask him what he’s looking for, what he needs and what he would rather not have. Let him provide some clues and then make suggestions out of your shortlist.


Pick a Venue with Good Connections

When choosing a venue, it’s equally important to see how you plan to design it. By choosing a venue holder who’s got contacts with different suppliers of decorations such as centrepieces, floral stands, or bridal tables, they can help you visualise a beautiful wedding reception while utilising the venue efficiently, and highlighting spots you would’ve missed otherwise.

Another benefit of that is you won’t have to deal with suppliers and the responsibility can now be under the venue management. You can tick it off of your list!


Clever or Comfortable?

Some couples simply want to be unconventional. They want to have a wedding outside your usual choices such as the beach, a garden, a ballroom, or whatnot. They want it in Old establishments, museums, historic libraries, a wine cellar – the list goes on.

While it can be a pleasant surprise for many and a good way to be unique, make sure to keep your guests in mind. Not all of them might share the same enthusiasm with the place and be uncomfortable can kill off their good vibes.

Let them enjoy the whole event together with you by picking a place that can be as unique as you want, but not upsetting for many. We know it’s still YOUR wedding, and we want you to have the time of your life with the most special people around you. Our simple advice is to keep it safe, clean, and relaxing to make it enjoyable for everyone.


It’s your wedding, after all, and the choice is yours to make. By keeping these tips in mind, you can explore more options and choose the right one. Pick the right venue and all the pieces will fall into its right place.


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