4 Critical Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Venue

We all want to make our weddings memorable, luxurious, and breathtaking. Picking the right wedding venue is the key to achieving this.


6 Creative Tips to Achieve a Breathtaking Autumn Wedding

The summer season is slowly packing up while paving the way for autumn’s arrival. At the same time, soon-to-be brides are also busy starting or finalising their own Autumn Wedding.


Harness the Power of Light with These Wedding Lighting Tips

Did you know that lighting can change your mood depending on how it is used? It can make you feel relaxed, stressed, or joyful, and can even change the ambience of an entire room.


Wedding Décor: 5 Reasons Why Renting is Better than Buying

To buy or to rent?


Three Luxurious Wedding Table Ideas you can choose From – And How to Achieve Them

How do you want your wedding tables to look like?


Indoor VS Outdoor Wedding Events: Pros and Cons

We all have our own ideas of a great wedding experience. Some imagine it as a fancy indoor event, done in a large and luxurious mansion-like venue. Some expect a nice view of the clear sky with the sun up or to be under the stars. Both options are good and bad in their own ways and it really depends on what your priorities are to make the best choice.


5 Ways to Choose the Perfect Luxury Centrepiece

Planning luxury events like weddings or corporate gatherings have one common goal: to make it as breathtaking and memorable as possible. That is, by capturing your guests’ attention and by making them fall in love with the whole vibe of the place. There’s one piece wedding and event organisers normally use to achieve this: Centrepieces.


Flowers VS Candles: Picking the Right Centrepiece for your Wedding

Lots of decisions must be made when planning for a wedding. Some may be crucial for the whole ceremony, and some may have smaller, insignificant roles. Some things, however, are placed somewhere in the middle – like choosing your reception centrepieces.[...]

The Luxe Look Without the Luxe Price tag

Our wedding is a special time of our lives. We want it to look as breathtaking as possible. Like fairy tales, we want it to be extravagant. Only if we can make our wedding look expensive without spending a fortune.[...]

How to Choose the Right Wedding Coordinator

Choosing your partner for life is not easy for everyone. It takes years of patience, trials, and heartaches. And once you find the one to marry, it’s all worth it. But you know what else is hard? Choosing your wedding coordinator for when that day has come.


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